best531x531BESTMALZ® is a tradicional german group headed by the same family since 1936. The company provides high quality malt products for german and international breweries and it is today recognized by its high quality and great service in the global brewer market.

The company’s head office is located in Heidelberg, Germany. The products are made in two of the best barley cultivation areas in Europe: Rhineland-Palatine and Rhine Hesse, both in Germany.

BESTMALZ® works with only high quality barley kernel, produced with a thorough humidification control, a vast germination and gently drying process. By that process we can guarantee perfect grain conditions that provides an exceptional and extremely trustful foundation for excellent flavor and quality beer production.

The malt factory produces around 30 malt bases and specials, all of them manufactured according to German purity law. All malts have an ideal base for no defect fabrication process, at the same time as they are perfect for excellent quality and distinct beer creation.

Either in bags, big bags, pallets or bulk, BESTMALZ® malts are always delivered on time and with special attention to the clients, who value for their inputs best quality.